Note: Before you contact us, make sure you've actually read our frequently asked questions page as this

may answer your question very quickly without effort of writing.

Frequent question #1: What if I don't have a credit card to order?

Without a credit card, you can sign up with to make an account that connects securely

with your bank account. This works for almost all countries in the world. It is 100% secure. Then you can

purchase the system through the Paypal option.

Frequent question #2: I just ordered, how come I didn't need to put in my mailing address?

Note that the system is delivered through 100% online access. If you ordered, a unique username and

password should have been emailed to you with a receipt. We do this now to ensure you get unlimited

lifetime updates (free for customers) for future cure updates and invaluableĀ  digestive health tips.

Remember, you will be discreetly charged one-time by "CLKBANK" on your bill statement. All 100%

confidential - your privacy is #1.


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