Frequently Asked Questions

Is the 'Create Your Own White House Garden' package an ongoing fee, or are there any other fees at all?

NO. You will only be charged once for your purchase and NEVER billed again.

Currently you can order the ebook for only $19.99. There are no hidden costs


I don't live in the US, can I still order this package?

Yes you can. You can get access to the ebook and videos from anywhere in the


After I pay, when will I get access to my ebook?

You will receive instant access after paying.


The book won't download properly. What can I do?

First try using the alternative download links provided at your members page. If these

do not work please try restarting your computer and re-downloading. Make sure you

have book marked your members page.

Can you send me a paper copy of the book?

No. The reason why we do not want to send paper copies is because our

downloadable ebook is much faster to receive. Our downloadable book will also help

save our forests as we are not using paper!

I have a slow internet connection, will I have any problems?

It is not problem to download the course on a slow dial up connection. It is not a large

file. If your connection drops during download you can easily resume when

connected again. Download will take approx 5-10 minutes on a very slow connection.

I downloaded the book fine but it will not open. What can I do?

First you should try re-downloading the file. Make sure you have the latest Adobe

Reader installed on your computer. If you have the file on your computer you can

simply copy it to another computer and try on another computer. You can even email

it to yourself and open it from another computer.

What is a PDF?

A pdf is a popular file type that is opened by Adobe Reader. This is the format that the

Create Your Own White House Kitchen book is in.

Is Adobe Reader free?

Yes Adobe Reader is a free download. You will be able to download this from the

Create Your Own White House Kitchen members area.

I am scared about paying for things on the internet, is it safe?

ClickBank sells our products - they are a trusted online retailer specializing in digitally

delivered products This means we do not keep any of your card details on file and the

transaction is performed on a secure server. You will see the hackersafe logo on

Clickbank secure order form when you join.

How can I contact you?

If the above FAQ does not answer your question you can contact me via our contact



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